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far infra-red sauna

Far Infra Red Sauna Service - Call The Healing Gardens Today To Make Your Appt to Detox In Our Far Infra Red Sauna

Not only does a sauna provide incredibly positive health benefits, it is relaxing. Grab some water and start sweating those toxins out of your body. Experts suggest you can burn up to 600 calories in a one hour session, improve immune function and overall health and wellness. The accumulation of toxic substances can lead to an array of common illnesses. Ridding the body of these toxins through sauna detox can assist in relieving symptoms, preventing future illness and increasing overall health, energy and vigor.  Research has proven that we sweat out toxic substances, including heavy metals. 

colonic hydrotherapy

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Colonic hydrotherapy, colon irrigation, also called colon cleansing, cleanses the colon, also known as the large intestine by utilizing specialized  equipment to flush it with filtered water using highly effective herbs and minerals for maximum effectiveness. The colon is a major organ within the digestive system which plays a key part in overall health. If the colon is impacted, it can prevent proper elimination of waste, and this can lead to toxicity in the body. A backed up or partially obstructed colon can also prevent the body from properly absorbing nutrients. This can deprive the body of nourishment essentially effecting the function of every other body system.

chi machine


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Research indicates using a Chi Machine offers hundreds of health benefits including muscle pain relief, increase in local blood circulation and oxygen via gentle motion of the entire body, increased energy, improved mental focus, promotes stable back support alignment, increased relaxation, promotes lymph drainage, acts as internal massage, promotes physical and mental release from tension, fatigue and stress, promotes deeper, improved breathing, and promotes balance of the autonomic nervous system.

When the machine stops, a unique rush of
Chi energy is felt from head to toe.

Optimum FOcus Energetic Systems detox footbath

The OPTIMUM detox foot spas are the latest in detox foot spa technology & the most powerful/safest machines on the market.

By placing your feet in a warm tub of water for 35 minutes, you are comfortably and easily cleansing at the cellular level. You’ll feel revitalized, balanced, healthy and ready to enjoy life, often as a result of just a single bath.

Most people do not have enough physical energy to carry them through an entire day without having to resort to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, processed fast food or drugs in order to stimulate, tease, or threaten the cells of the body into assisting them: setting up energetic chaos in the body.

Emotional stresses also weaken the body. Perpetuating this physical imbalance weakens the immune system, continuing or contributing to the lack of sufficient daily energy. Lack of sufficient energy, aches, pains, and physical disease are all signs of imbalance occurring at the cellular level.

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Customer Testimonials


steve brown

“Like a lot of folks, stress goes straight to my gut. I don’t always eat like I should and I feel bloated and sickly. I like sweets too much. Colonics has been a key ingredient of my healthy lifestyle for 30 years and Courtney at Healing Gardens has been making me feel better, healing me for the last ten. She is a gifted healer. Give yourself the gift of a colonic”



“Coming Soon”


tanya b

“I am so grateful for Courtney at Healing Gardens. Not only for the colonics that are a life saver, but for her friendship over the past ten plus years. With her medical background and certification as a natural health professional she also offers valuable nutrition guidance.  I believe the addition of natural healing herbs to the colonics is a great benefit. Thanks Courtney for all you do for me!”


N. S.

“I began my colonic therapy journey in 1988 a year after my daughter was born. I was having panic attacks and the only solution I was offered was medication. This was not the path I wanted to take because I knew medication would only mask the issue not cure it. 

I had heard about colonics and was hoping this could be the healthy solution I was looking for.  A friend referred me to the Angela Foster Center. Angela discovered after my first treatment that I had candida and this was the cause of my panic attacks.  Angela helped me change my diet and with probiotics and a series of colonics, I never have had another panic attack again. 

After the passing of Angela Foster, I was referred to The Healing Gardens and Courtney Pierce 8 years ago. Courtney received her training from Angela so I knew immediately I was in good hands. Courtney takes a personal interest in all of her patients. She takes the time to listen to any concerns and answer questions. She introduced me to the chi and it has enhanced my colonic experience. 

Colonics have been part of my personal health routine because they rid my body of toxins and the treatments nourish my body and help support my immune system. Courtney and The Healing Gardens continue to be an important part of my health journey.”